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Chess boxing is an unusual sport because chess & boxing are totally different 'sports'. Chess is a 'sport' of the mind, and is very calm (except when you or your opponent, whichever loses, is a bad loser!). Boxing is a 'sport' of strength, and is deffinately NOT a calm 'sport'.

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Q: Why is chess boxing a unusual sport?
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Who is a chess boxer?

Chess boxing is a sport in which competitors play 5min of chess and then 1 round of boxing. The winner either knocks out their opponent or checkmates them.

What is the most popular sport in Armenia?

The most popular sport in armenia is split between football and boxing, although Chess is the most popular 'sport' there but it depends whether you count chess as a sport?

How many rounds are there in chess boxing?

There are 11 rounds in chess boxing, six rounds of chess and five rounds of boxing. Each round of chess lasts four minutes and each round of boxing lasts three minutes.

What is the difference between camel racing and chess-boxing?

I see no similarities between the two, however if you stretch your imagination you may find something. Chess-Boxing is a hybrid of chess and boxing created by the Dutch, the participants must be skilled in both boxing and chess.

Is chess a sport and if so how is it one?

Chess is a sport because in a sport there are 2+ players who play and in Chess there are 2 players who play.

Is boxing an individual or a team sport?

Boxing is an individual sport.

Who invented the sport boxing?

who invented the sport boxing

What sport has the least amount of injuries?

probably chess and yes chess is a sport

What is the least athletic sport?

Chess if you believe chess is a sport. If not, maybe pool.

What is World Chess Boxing Organisation's motto?

The motto of World Chess Boxing Organisation is 'Fighting is done in the ring and wars are waged on the board'.

Which sport is better boxing or rugby?


Is chess is an olympic sport?

It now is a sport and it will be included 2016 Olympics. Personally, I don't think Chess should be a sport.

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