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It is called the f-5 because f5 stands for an extreme tornado and because the damage done to the opponent after coming of his shoulders

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Q: Why is brock lesnar's finisher called the f5?
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What is the finisher of brock lesnar?

Brock Lesner's finishing move was called "F-5"

What is the finishing Move of alex riley?

Alex Riley's finisher is called The Final Score and is fairly new. It starts out as a fire man's carry, then into a sort of the RKO. Mostly like Brock Lesnar's F5.

Who is the first person to kick out of Brock Lesnar's F5 in the WWE and when?

from what i saw Kurt angle kicked out of the f5 at wrestle mania 19. I'm not sure if it was the first time someone kicked out but that's what i saw

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Who won the match brock lesnar vs undertaker?

Brock Lesnar and Triple H fought 3 times over the past year or so as part of their feud. The results are:Lesnar Def. Triple H - at Summerslam 2012Triple H def. Lesnar - at Wrestlemania 2013Lesnar Def. Triple H - at Extreme Rules 2013

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