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India's national sports color is Blue. It is due to SAHARA INDIA.

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Q: Why is blue India's national sports colour?
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What is the official color of India?

There is no listed national colour of India. But there are colours used significantly in India. Saffron, white and green are used in the flag of India. The national strip colour for most sports is pale blue.

What colour is Argentina's football strip?

Argentina's national sports teams all wear a light-blue and white striped uniform, representative of their national flag, including their football squad.

What is the national colour of Ireland?


What is the national colour of Japan?

Blue is the national color of Japan.

What is the national colour of Greece?

White and Blue

What is the national sporting colour of India?


What is national colour of Fiji?

sky blue

What is Spain's national colour?

Red,Yellow and blue

What is the colour used by NZ national party?


Colour of the french national football team shirts?


What colour is the national neverland flag?

Blue, white and red

What is the colour used by the New Zealand National party?


What is Brazil's national soccer colour scheme?

Blue and yellow.

Did St. Patrick change Ireland's national color to green?

No. In fact, Ireland's national colour is actually blue, not green, and it is known as St. Patrick's Blue. It is found in many official situations in Ireland, such as in conjunction with the harp, which is Ireland's national symbol, not the shamrock. A golden harp on a blue background is the presidential standard for example. The Irish constitution does not directly mention Ireland having a national colour, though it does outline what the national flag is, so it can be said that Ireland does not have a national colour at all.

What was the national color of Ireland at the time of St. Patrick?

The official colour of Ireland is actually blue, not green as many people think. It is known as St. Patrick's blue. At the time of St. Patrick, Ireland would not have had a national colour.

Why green is the national color of Ireland?

Contrary to popular belief, green is actually not the official colour of Ireland. The official colour of Ireland is a shade of blue, known as St. Patrick's Blue. It is found in lots of official places, such as the carpets in the Irish parliament being blue. The presidential standard or coat of arms of Ireland is a harp, which is the national symbol, on a blue background. Green does have very strong associations with Ireland and is of course on the national flag, but it is not the official colour.

What are Athens National colors?

the colour is blue with dark pink and a shinny silver

What does the color blue symbolize in Italy?

Blue is Italy's national sporting colour (that's why Italy's football team wear blue shirts)

What is Thailand's national colour?

Blue is Thailand's national color and it represents the Thai monarchy. The blue is also used to honor Thailand's World War

What is Kate Middleton's favorite colour?

I think she likes blue the best. Specifically navy. She often wears navy-coloured clothing and it goes perfectly well with her complexion and hair colour. Often people with the favourite colour blue are calm, confident and steadfast - similar to Kate. She also loves to sail and row - water sports - where the colour of water is blue. I also think her car is navy blue.

What is national colour of India?

Khaki. (some people think it's Navy Blue but it's not)

Is the colour blue a warm or cold colour?

The colour blue is a cold colour

What is the national color of england?

There is no national colour to speak of but the English flag is Red and White. Either that or the Red , White and Blue of the United Kingdom

What colour shirt Italy soccer player?

Italy national football team play in blue and white.

What colour does indias criket team wear?

it depends if it is a test match they wear whiteand if it is a 20/20 or 50/50 they will wear blue.