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Basketball is popular in Canada, but there is only one NBA team because there are not enough big cities to support the teams.

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Q: Why is basketball so popular in us not in Canada?
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Is basketball a Canadian sport?

While basketball is not as popular in Canada as in the US it could be considered to be Canadian, because James Naismith, the inventor of the game, was a born Canadian.

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Is One on One basketball popular in the US?

yes it is.

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Where were some of the most popular sports were invented?

cricket, rugby, boxing, football (soccer) -UK. baseball, American football-US. basketball-Canada. tennis-France.

What are the three most popular professional sports in the US?

The most popular sports in the us are football baseball and basketball.

What sport is very popular in the US?

US Football by far is most popular in the states, followed by Basketball, and the Baseball.

How was the inventing of basketball important to Canada?

Basketball was invented by a Canadian however, the sport was not important to Canada at all. It took hold in colleges and later at the professional level in the US. Much later on, basketball became an international sport of sorts, however, nowhere is basketball more loved then in the US.

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football, basketball, baseball and Hockey

What are the m ost popular professional sports in the US?

the most popular U.S game is basketball.

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Japan Canada etc.