Why is basketball better than soccer?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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It all depends on your personal preference if you like a sport more than another sport. In my personal opinion, I enjoy soccer more because of the need for foot coordination, it's more competitive, it's the world's sport, and requires skills/grace like no other sport. That's simply my opinion, and to another person, they may see it as a whole different ball game.

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it is not its in basket ball they blow the whistle on you for every little thing and the field is short soccer you get more exercise and is way better than Basketball

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Q: Why is basketball better than soccer?
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Is soccer better than basketball?

It depends what you think if you think soccer is better then pick soccer but if you think basketball is better then pick basketball. I a rep soccer player so I like soccer because I can score goals and go to tournaments.

Is a basketball court five times bigger than a soccer field?

No, a soccer field is bigger than a basketball court.

Is Soccer better than Basketball because your legs are usually stronger than your arms?

Basketball is better because it uses both legs and arms at the same time stimulating more muscles with the running jumping and many semi squad movements when you are playing! ;)

How many people watch college basketball?

no one, football (soccer) is better.

Why Australian football league is better than soccer?

Anything is better than soccer AFL and NRL, you cant compare it to soccer.

Which is better soccer or basketball?

This is a matter of opinion on whether the person likes soccer or basketball. Soccer is the more popular sport but basketball is very popular too. If you ask me personally i would go for soccer because i enjoy playing it in real life, i love watching it and i play the games on my console which i enjoy.

Is a basketball bigger than a soccer ball?

Yes, a basketball is bigger than a soccer ball. A men's basketball has a circumference of 29.5 inches and a weight of 22 ounces. A women's basketball has a circumference of 28.5 inches and weighs 20 ounces. A soccer ball has a circumference of 27-28 inches and a weight of 14-16 ounces.

Why is soccer is better than netball?

netball is better than soccer because i like to you my hands and netball is better because you can not twist your ancle as easily.Netball is better than soccer because i like to you my hands better than my feet.Netball is also better because you can not twist your ankle as easily

What is Josh Hutcherson's favorite sport?

Soccer and basketball

Does a soccer ball bounce higher then a basketball?

In general, a basketball will bounce higher than a soccer ball because basketballs are designed to have higher bounce properties due to the material and construction of the ball. Soccer balls are typically designed to have less bounce to promote better control and handling during gameplay.

Which burns more calories basketball or soccer?

Both are aerobic workouts and have all the benefits of such method of exercising. Because of the bursts of energy needed in those games, the workout may be slightly better than more regular aerobic movements.

Which sport do you run more soccer or basketball?

Soccer Players. The field is much larger, and endurance is a much larger factor in soccer. Soccer games are also MUCH longer than basketball games, no matter what level you're playing in. Also, there are only 3 substitutions allowed the whole soccer match as opposed to unlimited in basketball. Basketball players run an average of 5 miles per game while soccer players run 7 miles per game.