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it takes skill and speed to dribble and shoot

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Q: Why is basketball a good spectator sport?
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What is the second most popular spectator sport?


What is a spectator sport?

A sport that is characterized by the presence of spectators, or watchers, at its matches. For instance, Tennis, baseball, basketball, football/soccer, and ice hockey are spectator sports

Is basketball a good sport?

Basketball is the best sport ever

What is Number one spectator sport in the US?

The number one spectator sport is NASCAR .

What are the most popular spectator sports in china?

football is the most popular spector sports in china. basketball is one of the most played sport.

What are positive aspects of basketball?

basketball is a good sport. it helps you stay active and healthy. it is a great sport for anybody

What sport is Italy good at?


Why is basketball a good sport to play?

because is dood sport and for body

Is formula 1 the biggest spectator sport in the world?

No it isn't, the number one spectator sport in the world is football. Other sports in the same list may include basketball, volleyball, cricket, baseball and other versions of football (American, rugby). Different countries may have different rankings, depending on the type of sport it is and this may effect the rankings in that particular country.

Why is basketball good sport?

it is just good exercise thats it!

What sport do they mostly play?

I mostly play basketball, because it is a good sport.

Why is that your favorite sport?

basketball is my favorite sport because its also good for your body.

What sport where it would be good to have long thin bones?


What is a person who watches a sport called?


Which professional sport is the number one spectator sport?


Which sport is the most popular as a spectator sport?

Football (soccer)

If you have good hang time what are you doing and in what sport?


What sport is ponyboy good at?

basketball,football,and soccer


white and black are the same you like a sport your good at it and you eventually become good at any sport

What is a good trade for a Wilt Chamberlain basketball card?

anything basketball isn't a real sport

What are example of why democracy is not a spectator sport?

because it cannot be watched, and it is not a sport

What popular sport Germany?

The most popular spectator sport is football.

What sport is similar to basketball?

Netball is a non-contact generally indoor sport similar to, and derived from, basketball. It is usually known as a women's sport. It was originally known in its country of origin, the United States, as "women's basketball". Invented in 1895 by Clara Gregory Baer, a pioneer in women's sport, netball is now the pre-eminent women's team sport (both as a spectator and participant sport) in Australia and New Zealand and is popular in the West Indies, Sri Lanka, and the United Kingdom. Over 20 million people play netball in more than 70 countries. Source: Wikipedia

What is the most grossing spectator sport in the US?


Is football or motor sport the biggest spectator sport?

bowling if you go to this sport its all over