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Honestly it's popular because Ballet is the foundation of all dance. You need ballet training to be the best dancer you can possibly ever be.

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Q: Why is ballet a popular dance?
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Is ballet the most popular dance style?


Is ballet a popular dance style?

i hav no idea

Is ballet the most popular type of dance?

yes I wouldn't say that, yes ballet did used to be the main dance (most popular) but now hip hop is becoming very popular! Ballet proberally is the main one yes.

What are the most popular types of dance?

Ballet, Tap, and Jazz.

What is the intent of the nutcracker ballet?

hi It Tells the popular story of the nutcracker through dance, mostly ballet.

What are the three most popular styles of dance?

jazz, ballroom, ballet

What is the most popular song of ballet folklorico in jalisco?

the hat dance

What is the most popular dance in America today?

Hip Hop or ballet

What are some popular ballet schools?

The Dance Academy of Cherry Hill

Dance and ballet?

Ballet is dance. there are loadsa different types of dance.

What of dance is involved in ballet?

Ballet is a type of dance.

Is ballet popular now?

yes! ballet is definitely still popular if you're thinking about trying it go for it! if ballet wasn't popular anymore, why do a lot of people still dance it? so, once again, yes.

What was the first dance?

Ballet. Ballet is the foundation of all dance.

What type of art is ballet?

Ballet is a method of dance. Dance is a performing art

Who would dance to ballet?

Ballet Dancers

Similarities between African dance and Ballet?

Ballet dance and African dance are both performance dances.

How do you dance ballet?

You do not only dance ballet, you feel it too! You have to be graceful and you have to do a lot of research on ballet if you want a good dance school and teacher. If you want to dance professionally, you will need to have been dancing ballet to succeed! Ballet is the key to everything! That is what you would do!

Which dance is more popular?

my answer is ballet dancing in Germany and hip hop is the best in Columbus,Ohio

Best ballet companies?

there is one really really good ballet company in NH. Its called Southern New Hampshire Dance Theater. The New York City Ballet is also a popular ballet as well as American Ballet.

How do you use ballet in a sentence?

"I've been studying ballet for ten years now." "Do you dance? What type of dance? Jazz or Ballet?" Ballet is a noun.

What is a ballet dance?

a ballet dance is a form of dance that requires precision with your feet. learning how to ballet dance is a very hard skill that takes a ton of practice. it requires you to have patience and confidence.

Is dance popular in Canada?

I would say it is about equal to the U.S. It is definitely less popular than Europe.I agree, it is less popular than Europe, but I am pretty sure that it is pretty popular. There are a couple major ballet theatres in Canada, including Canadian Ballet Theatre and National Ballet Theatre.

Where do you get dance steps for ballet?

Try a ballet class.

Where did the ballet dance originates?

Ballet originated in France.

What is ballet and ballerina?

Ballet is a type of dance and ballerina is a girl who dances ballet