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Because women are generally smaller than men which would mean their hands are a little smaller also. Allowing women to play with a smaller Basketball allows them to control it better.

What size are the woman's basketballs??

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Q: Why is a woman's basketball a different size than a man's basketball?
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What is the size of a mans basketball?

the size of a mans basketball is the size of 5 balls for babies combined.

What size is a womans basketball?

A women's basketball is 28.5 cm in diameter

Is a mans ring size the same as womens ring size?

Yes, mens sizes and womans size are the same.

What does a 38 men's pant size convert to in women's pant size?

The secret is to add 21 when going from a womans size to a mans size and subtract 21 when going the other way, so a 38 mens size will be a Womans size 16/17

What is the perfect size of womans breast?

since everyone has different DNA there is no actual size the breast has to be

What is a size 32 in womans jeans?

A size 32 in womans clothing is a size 14.

If you wear a womans size 10 what size would you wear in a mans shoe?

Likely one who wears a woman's 10 shoes will fit a man's 8 shoes, approximately.

What is a mans size 8 shoe in womans sizing?

Men's shoe sizes are typically 2 sizes larger than women's. So, a men's size 8 would be equivalent to a women's size 6.

How big is a fully grown frog?

It varies enormously as there are many different species of frogs, they vary from the size of a mans fingertip to the size of a mans hand or larger.

How big is a regulation size womans basketball?

Their regulation size ball is 28.5 inches. Their ball is one inch smaller than the mens' ball. The size decreases as age goes down.

If a man wears a size 10 womans ring what would he wear in a mans ring?

Sizing in the United States, and for the most part world wide, does not vary from man to woman as shoe size etc. does. So, size 10.

Can a mans ring size be the same size as a womans toe size?

I would say yes, because ring size is just a measure of size, so if a man and a women have the same size finger then they would have the same ring size. Unless I read the question totally wrong!

What is the size of the avrige mans pines?

what is the size of avrige mans pines

Shoes size 5.5Y what size womans?


If I wear a size 4 in kids sneakers what size do i wear in woman's?

You would not wear any size in womans You would not wear any size in womans

What is the length of a bathtub?

the size of a black mans penis the size of a black mans penis

Is the basketball hoop a different size for women than for men?

No, only the weight of the basketball is lighter.

What is Vanessa Hudgen's shoe size?

Size 7 in womans.

Is the olympic basketball size different than the nba size?

No. Basketball sizes depend on the age and gender of the league. women will play with a size 6 and men will play with a size 7.

What is the size of a basketball ring?

ANSWER 18 inches in diameter ANSWER 18 inches in diameter, but really it just depends if it is NBA basketball, collage or a different type of basketball, some basketball rings are different.

Are all basketballs the same size?

No, basketball's in the NBA and College are the same. However, there are different sizes for different types of basketball players. Generally the women high school basketball is smaller than the mens. While the children's basketball is smaller than the adults. The normal size of a basketball is 27.

What would a womans size 12 be on a man?

Men's Size 10

Does vaginal size matter?

in a way, yes it does. men come in different sizes and so do women. the size of a womans vagina effects the way the men "fit"

Womans shoe size 6 is what in youth size?

their about the same but a little bit different depending on how wide or thin or fat your foot is, but other than that their equivalent

Field of basketball size?

size of basketball field