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The Basketball is equipment and is a different size and weight for customization for the player. The idea was proposed by Karen Logan in 1978 when she wrote a 3-page proposal to the WBL, the first Women's Professional Basketball League, to create a ball that would fit women's hands because the equipment for many other sports is different, such as tennis and Golf. See this reference for a full explanation: Pitts, Brenda G. 1984. Effects of a Smaller, Lighter Basketball on Skill Performance of Female Basketball Players. Dissertation; University of Alabama. This study was used by the WBCA - Women's Basketball Coaches Association - to justify adopting the ball officially for girls and women.

On the average, a woman's hand is smaller than a man's hand. It is in my estimation that a basketball designed for women is smaller so that women who play organized basketball are able to handle the basketball in a manner that allows for greater control due to the smaller size of it.

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Because women are generally smaller than men which would mean their hands are a little smaller also. Allowing women to play with a smaller basketball allows them to control it better.

What size are the woman's basketballs??

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Because the females do not have big hands like males do.

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No, only the weight of the basketball is lighter.

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Q: Why is a woman's basketball a different size than a man's basketball?
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