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cuz yellow's pretty. there are white ones too.

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Q: Why is a softball yellow and not white?
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Did the white softball come before a yellow softball?


What is the color of a softball?

white or yellow

What color is a softball ball?

Yellow or white.

How has the softball changed?

The color of the softball used to be white, but then they changed it to yellow with red stitches.

How did the softball look like?

a softball looks just like a baseball but it is bigger and it can be yellow or white

Is softball yellow?

Yes softball is yellow

What are the features of a softball?

hard, yellow or white, red laces, and larger than a baseball. dac.

Is soft ball yellow?

Yes Softball is yellow

What is the color name of yellow softball?

Optic yellow.

Can a softball be used in a baseball game why or why not?

no because the softball is not as firm as a baseball so it would cause less of a force when you hit it which can make it easier to get you out and because the softball is yellow and bigger than a baseball and a baseball is white

What is the true color of a fastpitch softball?

the color of a fastpitch softball is yellow

What sport is associated with yellow?


What color is a slowpitch softball?

Uhh yellow

Can a high school softball catchers mitt be white?

yes, a high school softball catchers glove can be white.

What sport uses a yellow ball?

Softball also uses a yellow ball.

What store sells yellow softball pants?

Check out

Why are softball yellows?

soft balls are yellow so they are easily seen by the players. yellow stands out

What is a good softball team name for a team wearing yellow?


Why are fast pitch softball yellow?

It provides better visibility for the batter.

What makes a softball?

On a softball the first thing they make to make a softball is that there is a rock ball in it and then there is alot of string raped around it and on the outside is white or yellow rubber and the string holds the rubber together and it forms a softball shape. What makes the softball stick on the string under is this sticky brown stuff. The rock ball under is like a really hard piece of dirt. If you take a softball apart and get to the rock ball and throw it on the ground, it will break in half or into pieces.

What did they use for a softball?

They used a ball that is softer than one in baseball. It is yellow or white. You also throw underhand because it's for girls. I think that is gender racist.

Why are softball yellow?

It's yellow, simply because it's easier to see! It's bright, and catches your eye.

What colors do you mix to get light yellow?

yellow and white. light green and yellow orange yellow and white

How do you get the yellow out of natural white hair?

How can I get yellow out of my white HAIR

What does the color yellow and white?

I think purple does yellow and white.