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Q: Why is a slur not so important in the rhythmic pattern?
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What is an example sentence using the word slur?

The racial slur cost him his job.He was so drunk that he began to slur his words.Be careful not to accidentally make a discriminative slur at the meeting today.

Was Cotton picking or cotton picker used as a racial slur?

It can be, but generally it is accompanied by another slur to make it a racial slur or with a cuss word, for example :fu**ing cotton pickers, or "cotton pickin ni**er"... i am only using those examples so you can get a clear idea of what a racial slur involving the phrase "cotton picker" would be like, not to offend or degrade anyone.

What is rhythmic awareness?

rhythmic awareness is having a good awarness of when the ryhthm is about to come and so you are ready for the dick to go in ur mouth when u have rythimic awareness

What does fragget mean?

"Fragget" is a derogatory term used to insult someone by implying they are weak, cowardly, or inferior in some way. It is typically used as a homophobic slur, so it is important to avoid using such language as it can be hurtful and offensive.

How do you make slur between a C and an E on the bass clarinet?

You simply lift up your index and middle finger and index finger. by doing so, you've made a c to an e slur. High C and E slur you'd lift up your pinky and index finger. My name is Brittney C, and I LOVE SADIE, MY BASS CLARINET!

How do you say yellow in German?

gelb is yellow in German it is one syllable long so you slur the l and b

What is a slide between two notes called?

I am in band so I know that a slide between two notes is called a tie when they are the same note and a slur if it is two different notes.

What does a slur mean in music?

It depends Verb: Speak (words) indistinctly so that the sounds run into one another. Noun: An insinuation or allegation about someone that is likely to insult them or damage their reputation.

Why are rhythmic gymnasts so skinny?

Many international rhythmic gymnasts are on very, verystrict diets. Another reason is like artistic gymnasts they train very hard from a young age which affects puberty and developement of the body. Artistic gymnasts build more solid muscle that gives them a little bit of bulk, while rhythmic gymnasts focus mostly on stretching and dance, so they don't have as much of the muscle mass that an artistic gymnast who trains for high impact skills would have or need. The ideal body for rhythmic gymnastics is slender and a little more long than for artistic gymnastics.The reason why people think rhythmic gymnasts are all skinny is because that is all we see. Tiny twig athletes usually make the best rhythmic gymnasts, but not all are.

When during fetal development so rhythmic breathing movement begin?

Late in the third trimester

What is a repeated pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables?

That pattern is called the meter. The basic unit of meter is a foot. Meter can be described both by the rhythmic pattern of a foot and the number of feet in a line.An example is iambic pentameter, where an iamb is a foot consisting of two syllables, the first unstressed and the second stressed (as in the word "return"). The "penta" in "pentameter" comes from Greek and means five, so pentametermeans there are five metrical feet in a line.

What does rhythmically mean?

Rhythmically refers to something done is a rhythmic way, such as the beat of a drum. Some synonyms for rhythmically are smoothly, symmetrically, harmoniously, skillfully, and artistically. Additional synonyms are periodically, and cyclically.