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They are quicker and more powerful and are like the Ferrari of the dirt bikes and are built for speed and racing and the Honda is like the Holden and Ford and is a basic dirt bike!

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2010-04-04 11:03:58
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2020-10-09 18:04:39

Ktm is way better and faster but Honda’s are more reliable ktm is still the best

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Q: Why is a ktm dirt bike better than a Honda dirt bike?
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Should you buy a dirt bike or snowboard?

Snowboard because its better than a dirt bike.

Is a Yamaha dirt bike better than a ktm dirt bike?

ktm is way better than Yamaha........ the ktm 85 sx is probably the best bike in the world

Are yahama dirt bikes better than Honda?

yes yahamas are better than handas BUY A YAHAMA!!!! Hondas are very junky get a Yamaha. I own one and will never own a Honda bike again.

What is the difference between dirt bike helmets and ATV helmets?

Mountain bike helmets are better than dirt bike helmets

Best dirt bike for kids?

Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda and Suzuki are highly preferred for kids.

Which dirt bike is better between a Honda crf100f or a Yamaha ttr125l and why?

i would go with the crf100f i ride one, theyre really good bikes and theyre from Honda. i just like Honda better than the others, they have really reliable and powerful bikes.

Is a Honda dirt bike better than a kawaskai dirt bike?

Old Honda bikes were by far the best like the xr bikes. The new Honda bikes are garbage and kawasaki is starting to pass them up. Honda rules the ATV market that's why they outsell everybody else. If you want to buy a bike get a Yamaha though. I have owned my fair share of bikes and from what i have seen Yamaha is by far the best quility and the most reliable.

Is a 85cc dirt bike bigger than a 110cc dirt bike?

a normal dirt bike 110cc, 110cc is smaller than an 65

How does a dirt bike go more places than a ATV?

because if there is 2 trees close togather, a dirt bike has a better chance of making it in between them than a quad does. A 4wd atv can go more places(easier) than a dirt bike, especially mud/water .

What rides better in snow Dirt bike or a quad?

A wittle baby duckling rides better than both!

Would you have more fun on a 2006 Honda 400EX ATV or a 2006 Honda CRF 250R dirt bike?

A dirt bike can go more. places than an ATV. probably the 250 go two wheels quads are just dirtbikes with training wheels

What bike is better suzuki rm125 or Honda cr125?

the yz 125 100% better than both best mx bike ever built

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