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The puck is not bounce resistant, but bouncing is controlled because they freeze them prior to-and during the games.

A warm (or room temperature) puck will bounce as it is rubber, however, once frozen, rubber loses its tendency to bounce.

According to Rule 24 concerning pucks in the NHL rulebook: "The home Team shall be responsible for providing an adequate supply of official pucks which shall be kept in a frozen condition. This supply of pucks shall be kept at the penalty bench under the control of one of the regular Off-Ice Officials or a special attendant."

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Q: Why is a hockey puck bounce resistant?
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Why the tennis ball is faster as hockey puck?

because the tennis has more bounce in it your welcome

How is the motion of a hockey puck on ice different from the motion of a hockey puck on the street interms of forces?

On the ice, a hockey puck is pushing against much less surface friction, so it will slide with relative ease. On the street, a puck is forced to push against the pavement which it cannot do very well causing it to either stop or bounce across the surface.

When a hockey puck is frozen why does it bounce less?

1, when it frozen it obserbe the impact so it reduces the bounce affect. It's Newtons 3rd Law.

What is important about hockey?

THE PUCK, you play hockey to get the puck.

What did they use for a hockey puck in the old days?

a hockey puck...

What are the things you hit the puck with in air hockey?

Hockey puck

What is the area of a hockey puck?

Hockey is played in many countries around the world. It is played on ice with a puck. The area of a hockey puck is 22.18.

Does the temperature of a hockey puck affect how far it will travel when struck by the stick?

Well to be honest, I was thinking of doing this for a science fair project and tested that, When the puck is cool it go's allot farther. A warmer Puck will tend to bounce because when its heated the coils inside unravel which makes it bounce. That's why, before a game they freeze the puck.

Why was the hockey puck invented?

The hockey puck was invented so hockey players had something to shoot into the goal.

Which travels fastest to the goal on ice a hockey puck or a hockey ball?

the puck.

When was the ice hockey puck invented?

The modern hockey puck was invented around 1875.

What is a puck stopper in ice hockey?

A puck stopper is another name for a goaltender in hockey.

What sport do you need a puck for?

Hockey is a sport that you need a puck for. The puck is something in hockey that you whack with a stick into a net to gain points.

The radius of a hockey puck is 1.5 inches. what is the area of the surface of the hockey puck?

The surface area also depends on the thickness of the puck.

How much is a Kyle Okposo signed hockey hockey puck worth?

A Kyle Okpososinged hockey puck is worth 500$

How thick is a hockey puck?

A standard ice hockey puck is one (1) inch thick.

In what sport is a puck used?

In Ice hockey or Hockey You have to try and get the puck into the net

How much does an orange hockey puck weigh?

a orange hockey puck weighs 13 pounds

Can you kick the puck in hockey?

You can kick the puck but not into the net

What kind of material is used to make an ice hockey puck?

A hockey puck is made of vulcanized rubber.

What is the life span of a hockey puck in the NHL?

The average lifespan of an NHL hockey puck is 7 minutes.

Is a puck the stick in ice hockey?

In ice hockey, a puck is a hard rubber disc, one inch thick, three inches in diameter. A hockey stick is used, as a tool, to propel a puck.

A player uses a hockey stick to increase the speed of a 0.200kg hockey puck by 6 ms in 2 seconds. how much did the hockey puck accelerate how much force did the puck exert on the hockey stick how much?

3m/s squared

Speed of hockey puck?

It depends on how hard you shoot the puck.

What is the hockey thing you hit called?

A hockey puck