Why is a football a solid?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Q: Why is a football a solid?
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Is a football a solid?

Is a football a solid

How does air connect to football?

Areodynamics .... the study of air moving aroud a solid object

How did football helmets evolve?

round no facemasks, round facemask, round and solid with a hard facemask.

Is a football a solid liquid or gas?

Gas. A soccer ball is filled with gas under pressure.

In which physical state will 10g of bromine store the most thermal energy?


What is the meaning of solid and liquid thing?

A solid thing is a thing which has closely packed and attractive particles and which have a particular volume and shape which makes it incompressible . E.g:- Football , wall of a building etc. Whereas , a liquid has less closely packed and less attractive particles as compered to solid . Liquid have a particular volume but no shape . They are compressible . E.g:- Water , oil etc.

What is a flower a solid liquid or gas?


Is a cookie a solid liquid solid or a gas?

A solid.

How many faces does football have?

32 12 regular pentagons and 20 regular hexagons. the solid structure is called truncated icosahedron. the rotational group of a soccer ball is isomorphic to A5..

Is a pencil a solid liquid or gas?

A pencil is a solid object.

Is a feather a liquid or solid or gas?

a feather is a solid

Are pebbles a solid liquid or gas?

Pebbles are solid.