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Yes the cricket captain is called a skipper.

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Q: Why is a cricket team captain called a skipper?
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What do you call the Captain of a cricket team?

Captain or Skipper

Why captain is called skipper?

The term "skipper" is often used as a nickname for a captain or leader of a team or group. It likely originated from the nautical term "ship's captain," as the role of a captain on a ship involves guiding and directing the crew, similar to how a skipper leads and manages a team.

Who is Skipper of kolkata knight riders in IPL2008?

The captain is Sourav Ganguly from Indian cricket team

In baseball Why are coaches called skippers?

As the head of the team managers are called Skipper. Skipper is a nautical term used to address the captain of a ship. The manager is referred to as "skipper" as the captain of a ship, or the leader of a team.

What is the difference between a captain and a skipper?

captain can lead his team member and skipper can tell to his team to achieve his work and support to his team work with all equipments.

Who was the captain of Bermuda cricket team?

Currently Irving Romaine is the Bernuda cricket team's captain.

Who was the second Indian cricket team captain?

Vizianagram was the 2nd Indian cricket team captain.

Who was the captain of India cricket team in 1975 cricket world cup?

Mohammad Azharuddin

Who was the captain of England in the 1983 Cricket World Cup?

Mike Denness was the captain of the England Cricket team in the 1975 Cricket World Cup.

Who is the present cricket team captain of India?

Mahendra sing Dhoni is the present captain of India cricket team.

Who is the Vice-Captain of Bangladeshi Cricket team?

Mashrafe Mortaza is the vice - captain of Bangladeshi Cricket team.

Who was the first captain of the Australian cricket team?

DW Gregory was the first captain of the Australian cricket team.