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Q: Why is a blocked point after try and run back by defensive team not a touchdown?
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How does a football team score a two-point touchdown?

If a team attempts a two point conversion after scoring a touchdown and the ball is fumbled and recovered by the defense or if a pass is intercepted by the defense who then run the ball back to the other end zone the defense team will be credited with the two points. This is called a defensive conversion. Note that this rule only applies in college football. In the NFL, the defense can't score on a point-after attempt.

What was the name of the play and who was the player John Riggins ran over on 4th and 1 in route to a touchdown in Super bowl 17?

That was Miami defensive back Don McNeil.

If a team intercepts a 2 point attempt after a touchdown and runs to the opponents goal Is it a touchdown or a safety?

If the player is tackled in the endzone it's a touchback and the ball will be spotted at the 20. But if he runs it all the way back it's a touchdown.AnswerIn the NFL, that's not possible. The play would be whistled dead once the offense had lost control of possession. In college and Canadian football, however, the defense would be awarded a 2-point defensive conversion for successfully running the ball back to the opposite end zone.

If a field goal is missed can the defense run it back for a touchdown and is that considered a blocked kick or just a regular punt return?

Yes, the defense can return a missed field goal for a touchdown. However, the touchdown would be credited to the special teams and not to the defense since a field goal is considered a special teams play. The TD would be considered under the heading 'return of a missed field goal' and not a blocked kick nor punt return.

How many points per touchdown?

Six for the touchdown, followed by: * One point for a kicked PAT. * Two points for a PAT on a ball that's successfully carried back into the end zone.

Can a fumbled snap on an extra point conversion be run back by the defense for a touchdown?

In NFL ball is dead. In NCAA live ball: On a one-point try attempt, Team A's kick is blocked. The ball is advanced by runner B1 across Team A's goal line. RULING: Award Team B two points (Rule 8-3-1).

Can a QB catch his own pass?

He can catch his own pass in the situation that its touched by someone else. It can also happen if he tries to pass but its blocked by a defensive linemen and goes back to him.

Who gets the ball after a blocked extra point and the defense runs it back and gets 2 points?


What is a DB in football?

Defensive Back. DBs are the positions cornerback and safety and are players on defensive who primarily cover the receivers going out for passes.

How many blocked field goals in the historyof the nfl have been run back for a touchdown?

1 that I know of Buffalo vs Atlanta 2009 Atlanta tried to kick a field goal unfortunately it was blocked 2 players from Buffalo lateraled the ball back in forth and one stepped into the in zone and there was a flag on Buffalo excessive celebration but that didn't matter though.

What is a one point safety?

A one point safety can occur during extra point tries. In college football, the ball is "live" during extra point kicks and two point conversions. Should the defensive team recover or interecept the ball, and then retreat backwards into their end zone and be tackled, ONE point is awarded to the offensive team. This occured during the Texan-Texas A&M game. A one point safety can occur during a pro game on a block kick attempt. to get a 1 point safety is on a extra point attempt. the kick gets block and the other team recovers it and is out of the endzone then he runs back in his endzone and gets tackled A one point safety is also called if the offense carries the ball out of the endzone, fumbles back into the endzone and then recovers it and cannot advance it back out. This happened in a Tennessee-Florida game a few years back. Though it has never happened, there is one other way in which a one-point safety can be scored in a college football game*, this one by the defensive team. A player on the offensive team must be tackled in his own end zone during a point-after or two-point-conversion attempt. Because that end zone is usually 97 yards away from the original line of scrimmage, you can see why this is an unlikely event. But it is possible. For example, the offensive team, after scoring a touchdown, opts for a point-after kick, but it is blocked, then recovered by an offensive player, who, in attempting to score a 2-point conversion while avoiding being tackled, retreats all the way back to his own end zone, where he is either tackled or steps over the back or side lines of his own end zone. Another (more likely, albeit complicated) example: the offensive team goes for a 2-point conversion, but the ball is intercepted or fumbled and recovered by a defensive player. The defensive player attempts to run it all the way down the field for a defensive two-point conversion, but fumbles the ball just before reaching the end zone. The rest of what transpires follows the typical rules for scoring a safety, i.e. the loose ball is ultimately either: (1) recovered just before the goal line by an offensive player who runs it back past the goal line and is downed or steps out of bounds in his own end zone, (2) muffed into the end zone where it is recovered an offensive player who is then downed or steps out of bounds in his own end zone, or (3) muffed by an offensive player past the goal line with the loose ball going out of bounds in the end zone, either to side or out the back of the end zone. * NFL rules do not allow for a "defensive conversion safety". If either of the above examples occurred in an NFL game, no points would be awarded, and the team that had just scored the touchdown would kick off as usual.

When was Kenneth Johnson - defensive back - born?

Kenneth Johnson - defensive back - was born in 1963.