Why is a basketball not smooth?

Updated: 12/5/2022
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Q: Why is a basketball not smooth?
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Does a basketball roll faster on a smooth surface or a rough surface?

A basketball will roll faster on a smooth surface due to less friction compared to a rough surface. The rough surface creates more resistance, slowing down the ball's movement.

What is the difference between a waive basketball and a regular basketball?

The WAVE has grooves on the leather and the regular basketball is smooth on the leather.

Is Adidas pro smooth a basketball shoes?


What do a basketball court highway and bowling alley have in common?

They all have lanes.

When does a basketball pops?

When a basketball is close to popping you notice that the outside layer starts to rip a bit and it might 'egg'. Also the outside becomes smooth and thin so you know when it's going to pop.

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well i live where he lives and he is the coach of the middle school basketball team i play in, but i know it wont be $1000 dollars, for sure

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the common thing is that both are smooth muscles that contract involuntarily

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