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Most indoor professional Basketball courts are made from highly-polished maple wood. This provides an exceptionally smooth, cleanable surface that is low-maintenance.

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Q: Why is a basketball courts floor made of wood?
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What kind of wood is the basketball floor of the TD Gardens?

Not sure - but it looks like Oak. Most basketball courts are Maple.

Are NBA basketball courts made out of wax?

No, they are usually hard wood. They use wax to condition and clean the wood floors.

What surfaces does a basketball bounce better on?

i think a basket ball would bounce better on a hard wood floor because all NBA courts are hard wood.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What type of wood is used to make basketball courts?


What is Olympics volleyball court made of?

The floor is almost like a indoor basketball court with a little padding. Basically the floor is made of wood with a little rubber on the surface for give. The floor can be made differently depending in the country or arena.

Wood used for basketball courts?

I believe that maple is the most common.

Why are basketball courts made of wood?

Simply because the maple wood surface more likely to reduce injury due to It's shock absorbing make-up.

What is the different between basketball wood floor and home wood floor?

The difference is what's under it. Basketball floors are "sprung" wood floors - they'll move up and down with the athletes to cut down on leg injuries. Home wood floors are solidly connected to the underlayment.

Can woodworm spread to the floor?

If the floor is made of wood, yes.They spread to anything made of wood, hence the name.

What is the definition of wood flooring?

A floor made out of wood.

Why do they use maple wood for basketball courts?

Because it is slicker and the ball will bounce better on the court.

Which college had a basketball court with a wood floor inside the entire three-point arc that was painted like a basketball?

i have no idea

What was Abrahams floor made of in his cabin?

It was made out of wood

What was the Colosseum's floor made out of?

The floor of the Colosseum was made of wood. It was covered with sand for the executions and the gladiatorial combats.

What kind of wood is a basketball court made of?


If I use an area rug over my wood floor, will it eventually discolor the floor in that area?

Some area rugs can discolor your wood floor, you need to use area rugs and/or pads that are made to not discolor wood floors.

Why does a basketball bounce differently inside a gym than it does outside on a cold winter day?

probably has something to do with the floor you are bouncing the ball on! the bounce differs from wood floor or whatever the floor is outside!

How do they switch from basketball court to ice at TD garden in Boston?

Removable wood floor-boards cover the ice during basketball games. When they have to access the ice, they remove the floorboards.

In an ice hockey arena how does the floor go from ice one night to wood the next night for a basketball game?

The change over crew could do it in a couple hours. The changeover crew zamboni's the rink. They cover the floor with insulation. They take all the non baketballstuff out. Ex the glass walls, the back net They erect the basketball court made off 217 wood panels Put up the hoop and the oficials chairs. pull out seating onto floor since hockey is bigger than basketball the game begins In the NHL off season the court is erected on pads on the concrete floor with the same seating as on a rink

What were slave houses like?

they were made mostly out of wood exept the floor the floor was just sand and dirt

What are indoor roller skating rinks made of?

wood and tiles and waxed floor and that is what makes the floor slippery

What is the floor tom drum made from?

The floor tom can be made out of many types of wood, most commonly maple, birch, and African Mahogany.

Which is better for the environment, a real wood floor product, or a laminate wood floor product?

A laminate wood floor product is better since it uses less actual wood that an all wood floor does.

How do you you stiffen a wooden floor?

Are you saying that the floor has a little bounce to it or sinks a bit in some places? The wood planks that make up the floor must be laid over a subfloor of plywood that has been made level and smooth across the entire floor area. The wood is probably not the problem. What the wood is sitting on is.

Tips To Make Wood Floors Shine?

Although there are many types of flooring, wood floors are gaining in popularity. You can make your wood floors shine by using a protective wax made especially for wood floors. The wax will help protect the floor from scratches and spills. Clean the floor before you wax by using a wood floor cleaner.