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Q: Why is a basketball court often wet and 65311?
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Why was the basketball court all wet?

Because, the players dribbled all over the court!

Does wetness effect a basketball?

I have played with a wet basketball and itdoesn't make a difference except it might slip out of your hands

What is an example sentence with court?

I have to appear in court tomorrow. The tennis court is too wet to play.

What will happen when a basketball is wet?

The main difference is the grip. A wet basketball will prevent one from getting a firm hold on the ball. It is best to play with a dry ball. The ball will also have a noticeable gain in weight.

Why does a tennis ball bounces differently when the court is wet?

because the wet pitch makes the ball slow and wet by:ali

What is the difference between weather conditionson Paris London?

In London it is often cold and wet while in Paris it is often cold and wet!

Why do you suppose fungi are more often successful in wet or humid environments?

why do you suppose fungi are more often successful in wet or humid environmemts

How do you use court in sentence?

Court can have different meanings. They could not reach an agreement, so the case went to court. The tennis court was very wet after the rain. He wanted to court her, but she did not really like him.

Why do you need to make a reed wet?

edit - when you play your instrument and it is not wet, it tends to squeak often.

How do you insert needle in the basketball?

Wet it ( most people use spit ) and twist it while you push it into the ball.

What does wet mean sexually?

It means a person (most often female), is aroused and that, as a result, her genitals are wet.

How often do you change a wet sanitizer?

two hours