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I believe it has to do with the force exerted on the pitching arm. Throwing all those fast pitches puts strain on the arm and bones, and slowly makes the arm grow longer.

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Q: Why is a baseball pitchers pitching arm usually longer than the other one sometimes by 1-2 inches?
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What is pitching by committee?

It usually means having pitchers pitch without defined roles.

What is in a baseball pitcher's rosin bag?

Rosin absorbs moisture and pitchers use it to take the sweat off of their pitching hand and arm.

Why are pitchers usually bad batters?

Because pitchers are trained to pitch, coaches don't waste their resources training them to bat as well. There are a limited number of people for a certain position and pitchers are very valuable. Everyone else on the team is expected to bat well, but the pitcher really only has to worry about pitching a good game.

What means strikeout on a pitchers card?

its usually k

How many pitchers on a team?

Usually around 10-13

What is the penalty for steroid use in baseball?

usually suspension. sometimes indefinitely, sometimes for only a couple of games.

What is the coolest song at the Baseball game for a relief picture?

i think u meant relief pitcher but take me out to the ballgame becuz thats usually when the good relief pitchers come in

What does out of the stretch mean in baseball?

its a shorter pitching motion than the windup, you usually "pitch form the stretch" when there are runners on base

Why can't baseball pitchers throw every day?

baseball pitchersbecause it isn't natural to our body. our body wasn't made for our arms to constantly reach past the height of our shoulders with such force. Like body building, most people need 3,4 sometimes even 5 days to recover from such stress. After the game hard pitchers usually ice there arm/shoulder to reduce the inflammation, thus, starting up recovery. Nolan Ryan, when be came up people said he'll be lucky to pitch like that 2 years. So there are some freaks out there!

How many weeks are in a baseball season?

The number of game a professional baseball player can play depends on his position, health and manager. There are usually 7 games a week and depending on the team schedule sometimes there is an off day on Monday or Thursday. A healthy starting position player (a player who on defense plays as an infielder, outfielder or catcher) could play every game of the week. However, managers sometimes give their players a day off for health reasons or just a normal day off. Also bench players only play when the managers decide to put them in the game, so they only play 3 or 4 games a week. Moreover, pitchers play considerable less games than position player. Relief pitchers, those who pitch in the middle of the game, could play 2 to 4 game depending on the manager and the players abilities. Starting pitchers usually play at least once week and 1 or 2 starters pitch twice a week. Most baseball teams have 5 starters and pitchers are usually given 4 days of rest. Therefore, in a week of 7 games two pitchers on a team could pitch twice.

In the MLB what are some actions taken against players when they are involved in fights in their sport?

The penalties for fighting in baseball have become stiffer of late. Typically, the batter is suspended for up to five to ten games, depending on the severity of the fight. Starting pitchers are usually suspended for five or ten games, since starting pitchers only pitch about every five games.

How many Texas Rangers make up the entire fleet?

There is a 25 man roster limit for professional baseball. Most consist of 11 or 12 postition players and the rest are pitchers usually 5 starters and the rest relievers.