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Q: Why is West Ham the Best football team to support?
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What football team does fugative support?

west ham

What football team does Julie Walters support?

west brom

Which football team does alfie moon support?

west ham

What is the best German football team?

The 1974 West German team was the best.

What football team does Britney Spears support?

West Ham United

What football team does Russell brand support?

West Ham United.

What football team Lee Cater Support Eastenders?

West ham

What football team does Lee support in Eastenders?

West Ham I think

What English football team does pixie lott support?

West ham united

What premiership football team does Barack Obama support?

West Ham United.

What football team does Jeremy kyle support?

He just claimed to be a West Ham fan.

What is the best AA football team in Mississippi?

west bolivar eagles