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Probaly bc of the dallas cow boy cheerleaders

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Q: Why is Texas the cheer capital of the US?
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What is the first capital in the US?

Austin, Texas.

What is the pumpkin capital of the US?

Floydada, Texas

What is the most southern capital in the US?

Austin, Texas.

What is the southern most state capital in the us?

Austin, Texas.

Does Texas cheer have a dance team?

yes it does have a dance team.It also have a cheer team also.

What is the capital of the US state that shares its longest border with Texas?

The capital of Oklahoma is Oklahoma City.

Which state is the farthest southwest in the continental US and what is the capital of this state?

it is California and it's capital is Sacramento.

What are the two locations for Cheer Athletics?

The two locations for Cheer Athletics are Plano, Texas and Dallas, Texas. Cheer athletics is one of the most successful all-star cheerleading clubs in the United States.

How do dogs cheer us up?

dogs can cheer us up by licking us and cuddling with us if we are sick.

Austin is the capital of what?

well,Austin is a city and the capital of Texas,so if you were asking for the capital of Texas you have your answer!

What two states in the US begin with the letter t?

Texas and Tennessee are U.S. states. They are the only U.S. states that begin with the letter T.

Is Texas capital?

Austin is the capital city of Texas.