Why is Robinson cano famous?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Robinson Cano is famous, because he is one of the best if not the best professional Baseball players. He has led all the major offensive categories for second baseman for the past three years, but some say the best of him has still yet to come. In addition Cano's going to be a free agent at the end of the 2012 Major League Baseball season and is expected to sign one of the highest contracts in professional sports. He contract is expected to be north of 200 million dollars.

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Q: Why is Robinson cano famous?
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What is the birth name of Robinson Cano?

Robinson Cano's birth name is Robinson Jos Cano.

What is Robinson Cano's ethnicity?

Robinson Cano is Dominican.

Is Robinson Cano a switch hitter?

No, he is not. Robinson Cano is a left handed batter.

What nicknames does Robinson Cano go by?

Robinson Cano goes by Robbie.

Who had the most rbi's in the al in 2011?

Robinson Cano

What is Robinson Cano's middle name?

His full name is Robinson Jose Cano.

Which famous Yankee figure was Robinson cano named after?

Actually, Cano was named after Brooklyn Dodgers great Jackie Robinson, whose only connection to the Yankees was playing them six times in the World Series.

Does Robinson Cano bat right or left?

MLB player Robinson Cano bats left.

What is Robinson Cano's number on the Seattle Mariners?

Robinson Cano is number 22 on the Seattle Mariners.

Is Robinson Cano Hispanic or African American?

Robinson Cano is Hispanic. He was born in the Dominican Republic.

How much does Robinson Cano weigh?

Robinson Cano's salary as of 2010: 2006$381,1002007$490,8002008$3,000,0002009$6,000,0002010$9,000,000

What is the career batting average of Robinson Cano?

As of 2009 Robinson Cano has a career batting average of .306