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Q: Why is Orlando Magic important to Florida?
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Which team plays in Orlando Florida?

The magic

Where is game five against the Atlanta hawks and the Orlando Magic being played at?

In Orlando Florida

What are 2 Florida basketball teams?

Miami Heat Orlando Magic

NBA Florida basketball teams?

The Orlando Magic and Miami Heat

What city is the Walt Disney world's Magic Kingdom?

Orlando, Florida

What NBA teams play in Florida?

Miami HeatOrlando MagicBut even residents of Florida try to forget the Magic

How many teams are in the NBA that are in Florida?

Two, the Miami Heat and the Orlando Magic

What attractions can be seen on a trip to Orlando, Florida?

The attractions that can be seen on a trip to Orlando, Florida are the different canyons at the outskirts of the state and the different stadiums that sometimes house the NBA team, Orlando Magic.

What is the name of the Orlando Magic stadium?

Orlando, Florida in the Amway Center.....It is in the near downtown of Orlando

What were some sports teams of Florida?

Florida gators Tampa bay Bucs Orlando magic and Tampa rays

What are the release dates for The Magic Within - 1997?

The Magic Within - 1997 was released on: USA: February 1997 (Orlando, Florida)

Which locations can magic tickets allow access to?

Orlando Magic Tickets allow access to the 2012-13 NBA World Championships. This is to be used at the Amway Arena which is located in Orlando, Florida.