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Q: Why is Ole Miss and Mississippi state called the egg bowl?
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What is the Egg Bowl?

Why is Mississippi and Mississippi state game called egg bowl

The golden egg trophy is awarded to the winner of wich game?

The Golden Egg Trophy is awarded the winner of the Egg Bowl, the annual US football game between the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) and Mississippi State University. Since 1927, the game is officially "the Battle of the Golden Egg", but the two teams (Ole Miss Rebels, Mississippi State Bulldogs) have played 106 games since 1901.

Who won the Liberty Bowl in 1963?

Mississippi State beat North Ccarolina State 16-12 in the 1963 Liberty Bowl.

Which city holds the Super Bowl attendance record?

Mississippi State

What college football teams are bowl ineligible?

Ohio State, Mississippi State, and maybe Florida

Who played in 1974 sun bowl?

1974 Sun Bowl: Mississippi State 26 North Carolina 24

Who won the Orange Bowl in 1937?

Duquesne 13, Mississippi State 12

Who won the 1941 Orange Bowl?

Mississippi State beat Georgetown 14-7

Which state is called as soya bowl of India?

The State of Uttar Pradesh is called the Sugar Bowl of India.

What was Ole miss 1960 football schedule?

Ole Miss went 10-0-1 in the 1960 season: September 17: Mississippi 42, Houston 0 September 24: Mississippi 21, Kentucky 6 October 1: Mississippi 31, Memphis 20 October 8: Mississippi 26, Vanderbilt 0 October 15: Mississippi 26, Tulane 13 October 22: Mississippi 10, Arkansas 7 October 29: Mississippi 6, LSU 6 November 5: Mississippi 45, Tennessee-Chattanooga 0 November 12: Mississippi 24, Tennessee 3 November 26: Mississippi 35, Mississippi State 9 January 2, 1961: Mississippi 14, Rice 6 (Sugar Bowl)

Who won 2010 cotton bowl?

The Ole Miss Rebels defeated Oklahoma State 21-7.

Who was ole miss quarterback in 1959?

That was Ray Brown who was named first team all SEC by UPI and was the MVP of the Sugar Bowl that Mississippi won over Texas 39-7. Brown was inducted into the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame in 2006.