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cause thats what the nba hoster made that team for

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Q: Why is Oklahoma City basketball team called the thunder?
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What are major sports teams in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma City Thunder (Basketball)

Which sport does the Oklahoma City Thunder play?

The Oklahoma City Thunder play professional basketball. They're part of the NBA.

What is the Oklahoma City Thunder's mailing address?

Oklahoma City Thunder (basketball team) Ford Center 100 W. Reno Ave. Oklahoma City, OK, 73102-2423

Why are the Oklahoma City Thunder called the Thunder?

Because Oklahoma is plauged by thunderstirms year round.

What sport does Kevin durant play?

Basketball with Oklahoma City Thunder of NBA

Are there any professional sports teams in Oklahoma?

There is an NBA basketball team known as the Oklahoma City Thunder

Where do the Oklahoma City Thunder play in?

The Oklahoma City Thunder play in the Ford Center in Oklahoma City.

Who is the owner of the Oklahoma City Thunder?

The Professional Basketball Club, LLC owns the Oklahoma City Thunder. They also own the Tulsa 66ers in the NBA Development League. The group is composed of of Oklahoma City businessmen and is led by Clay Bennett.

When was Oklahoma City Thunder created?

Oklahoma City Thunder was created in 1967.

Does Oklahoma have a pro-football team?

No, Oklahoma does not have a pro football team. They do have a semi-pro team called the Yard Dogs. Oklahoma has a new pro basketball team called the Thunder. Also, the Oklahoma City Redhawks is the semi-pro baseball team.

What is Seattle Washington's pro basketball team?

they used to have the supersonics, but they moved to Oklahoma City and became the thunder

What are facts for Oklahoma?

one interesting fact is that oklahoma has a famouse baketball team called "oklahoma city thunder"

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