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its not importsnt

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Q: Why is Newtons Second Law important to us?
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What state in the us ALWAYS features part of newtons second law of motion?

All of them

Activities around us which use newtons law?

a tree of fruits

What is inertia important to us?

Inertiais important because Newtons first law of motion is often summed up as following: Matter resists any change in motion. Because this property of matter is called Inertia, Newton's law is sometimes called the Law of Inertia.

How newtons law applies to the situation?

Tell us the situation, and we'll apply Newton's Laws.

Which law of motion helps us to define force?

force is essentially a push or pull, its value in science terms can be measured using f=m*a where: f = force in newtons m = mass in kilograms a = acceleration in meters per second / per second

How does Newtons three laws of motion help the science world?

Newton's three laws of motion provide the foundation for understanding how objects move and interact with each other. They form the basis for mechanics, which is essential in fields such as engineering, physics, and astronomy. These laws also help in predicting and explaining the behavior of objects in motion.

Why is physics important to us?

physics is a greek word phusics mean nature physics is important to us because every thing is due to a physics we sit down to upevry thing is moving physics if u dropped an ball ball is not going upward direction because of gravity newtons law

What is the relation ship between acceleration and the second law of motion?

Newtons second law tells us that acceleration is produced when a force acts on a mass. The greater the mass (object being accelerated) the greater the amount of force needed (to accelerate the object). This law gives the exact relationship between force, mass, acceleration. This can be expressed as the mathematical equation F= M x A or Force = Mass x Acceleration

Fig Newtons were originally named Newtons after a suburb of what US city?


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Roman law is important to us today becasue our society uses many of the roman laws of ancient Rome

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