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NASCAR is aimed at US audiences only. F1 is aimed at world-wide audiences.

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Q: Why is Nascar only popular in the US while Formula 1 is popular worldwide?
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Is NASCAR formula 1 racing?

NO! They are two completely different things. Firstly a NASCAR is like a stock car, but faster. A formula one car is and open wheel racer. NASCAR also race around a oval of track, in formula one they race around differntly designed tracks for around 60-70 laps, while NASCAR race up to 300 or more laps, but not often

Who makes flags for NASCAR racetracks?

Nascar Apparel - Clint Bowyer #07 Long Sleeve Tee Shirt provides a full range of NASCAR merchandise to choose from for yourself or as a gift for a loved one.Our mission is to offer NASCAR merchandise at a fair price while providing you with the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.Get all your NASCAR Merchandise, NASCAR Apparel,NASCAR clothes and NASCAR collectible,NASCAR Diecast cars, nascar flags for less at PitRoad motorsports

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How does the popularity of soccer compare to NASCAR?

Well I'm a huge NASCAR fan myself, and I will give you the facts (go Tony Stewart!!). Soccer is basically a sport that is all around the world, while NASCAR is a USA sanctioned base in America. So how do we compare? NASCAR has the largest fan base in America (and yes, more than the NFL), while we could both agree upon soccer as being the most popular and well-known sport in the world. Now we switch them both around. NASCAR compared to the world, and soccer's fan base in America. NASCAR is not Formula-One, or IndyCars, and its real hard to explain that NASCAR is a sport the world would know, but not near as much as soccer. Now, soccer in the US. Barely any people take soccer seriously (not to be mean) in the US since there's a huge variety of sports in the US (football, basketball, baseball, hockey), but, lets say Brazil, they don't have a clue to what those four sports were, except soccer, that's all the country knows. Soccer is the largest known sport in the world (other than the US), and NASCAR is the largest sport in the US.

When should you use spotters while driving?

During a NASCAR race.

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How many NASCAR drivers urinated in their pants while driving?

every one

How much money does Nascar driver Regan Smith make?

In 2012, while racing full-time in the Nascar Cup Series, Regan Smith earned $4,153,890. He is now a full-time Nascar Nationwide Series driver.

Why do NASCAR races start while moving?

Nascar drivers take the green flag while moving so they can build momentum and get their cars up to speed. With 43 drivers starting a race, it would be a disaster to start from a still position.

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Do they where diapers in NASCAR?

not that i know of, but i know some drivers pee in their suits while they are in the cars.

Do NASCAR rules require a corporate sponsor?

No. While NASCAR doesn't require the participation of a sponsor, it is near impossible to race in any of the three major series. It is very expensive to fund a NASCAR team, and corporate sponsorship money offsets, or sometimes completely covers, these costs.