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Q: Why is Michigan called the 'Wolverine State'?
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What state is the Wolverine state?


What state has the nickname wolverine state?


Known as the wolverine state?


What US state is nicknamed the Wolverine State?


What is Michigan's Nick name and how did it get it?

the wolverine state

What state has the nickname?

Michigan has the nickname "Wolverine".

What state's capital is lansing and is known as the wolverine state?

the states capital of lansing and is known as the wolverine state is Michigan!!!!!!!

What are Michigan's nicknames?

wolverine state and great lakes state

Which state is called the Great Lake State?

The Great Lake State is one of the nicknames for the state of Michigan. Another one of its nicknames is The Wolverine State.

Michigan's state animal?

Michigan's state animal is the wolverine.

How did Michigan get its nickname the wolverine state?

Michigan got its nickname, "The Wolverine State" in 1835. There was a dispute with Ohio over the Toledo strip and the people of Michigan were said to have been as "bloodthirsty and vicious as wolverines."

What state is Wolverine World Wide based?