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Because people consider him like a black mamba, which is deadly and powerful, which refers to Kobe

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A black mamba is a very dangerous snake that kills any animal it strikes instantly. Kobe Bryant's skills are akin to a black mamba's skills.

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Kobe himself Of Course!

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he is black and like a snake

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Q: Why is Kobe Bryant called the black mamba?
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What is kobe bryant's nick name?

His name is Kobe (the animal) Bryant Or jellybean Bryant

Does Kobe Bryant prefer Black Mamba or KB24?

black mamba

What Kobe Bryant namer in baketball?

The Black Mamba

What was Kobe Bryant number in 2006-2007?

The Black Mamba

Do Kobe Bryant have a nick name?

Black Mamba KB24 Lord of the Rings Mr.81 Kobe Wan Kenobi The Closer KB8 8th Wonder of the World The Prophecy The Great One King Kobe Must See the last samurai

What is Kobe Bryant nicknames?

Hes unstoppable!! Hes unsustainable!!! Hes the black mamba!!!

Whats is Kobe Bryants middle name?

His middle name is Bean: Kobe "BEAN" Bryant. His nickname is "Black Mamba."

Who is the best in the nba in 2007?

Kobe Bryant (a.k.a.)"the black mamba"

What kind of words would you use to describe Kobe Bryant?

The Black Mamba Unstopable the best a legend

Who is the best NBA player for 2011?

Kobe Bryant, also known as the black mamba, he is in the LA Lakers. Kobe Bryant is the best NBA player after after Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Michael Jordan in history. Kobe Bryant's number were and are: 10, 8, 33, and 24. So right now, he is the best NBA player.

What unique player restriction is in effect in both polo and jai alai?

Kobe Bryant aka the black mamba aka better than Lebron

How do you draw Kobe?

Doing a swish OR... As a black mamba:)