Why is JaMarcus Russell so bad?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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(Previous answer)"Its just what happens from collge to NFL. Player cant adjust and they so call "bust." It happens all the time J.p. Losman (Bills), David Carr(1 overall pick, just like Russell), there is just alot of them"

Actually it really matters on the team you are on in the pros. If you are a young QB and you have no talent on offense with you and your offensive line is horrid then you most likely are going to have a rough career. The two examples the previous author provided are perfect examples of that. David Carr was the most sacked QB every year of his career in Houston. Name one other good player who played with JP Losman on offense with the Bills, I cant come up with one. Then we have Joey Harrington as well who played for the Lions and was beat up every game and then had no talent around him. I think younger QBs need to be fostered because if they arent developed correctly then they end up being busts. Granted some of these players end up being on good teams later but the damage has been done. Getting hit from your blindside alot in every game is going to effect you. Playing where you have to carry the team even if there is no talent around you is something that is going to effect your development. The QB will always be a little gun shy. In regards to Russell, he was on a team that was horrible and had to carry a team with no talent around him. Then he got hit alot. To call a player a bust because he played for a horrible team is kind of ridicules. Think about it, how good would have Joe Montana been if he was on the Buccaneers of the 80's instead of the 49ers. Joe Montanas skills were developed perfectly. He had alot of talent around him to rely on and a good line. Russell had all of the tools but he had noone around him and had a bad line. I also think his work ethic was bad as well.

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Q: Why is JaMarcus Russell so bad?
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