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The Packers were given the nickname 'Titletown USA' back in the 1960s when they won 5 NFL championships in a 7 year span. They won the first two Super Bowls (1966 and 1967) and the NFL championship in 1961, 1962, and 1965 prior to the beginning of the Super Bowl game. Since then, they have won two more Super Bowls (XXXI and XLV) to give them four total Super Bowl championships to go along with their 9 NFL championships prior to 1966 and the start of the Super Bowl.

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Green Bay was named Titletown in the 1960's after Green Bay one the first and second Superbowls ever played. They also were conference champs 5 out of 7 seasons in this period. This is why the Superbowl trophy is called the Lombardi trophy, as Vince Lombardi was the Packer's coach during this time. Green Bay is a small town with a massively popular and successful team.

Packer fans are known as 'cheeseheads' because Wisconsin is America's dairyland. It is an agricultural dairyland, and you will in fact find a lot of cheese products here.

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That was a nickname given to Green Bay in the 1960s because they were a very small town that had an NFL team that won 5 NFL championships in 7 seasons.

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Q: Why is Green Bay called Titletown US when they've only won 2 Super Bowls?
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