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In a nutshell, Greece is where the Olympics originated from.

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Q: Why is Greece always first?
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Since Greece always goes first and the host country always goes last will Greece be first or last in the Athens Olympics Parade of Nations?

Greece will go first and last. Greece will come in first and last - the flag will be carried into the stadium first, and the team will come meanie bobini

Which country was first in the opening ceremony?

Greece is always the first country in the Olympic Opening Ceremony, because the Olympics originated from Greece.

What happens when Greece are hosting the olympic games which country marches first and last then?

Greece ALWAYS marches first. No matter what. But I dont think Greece will host the olympic games.

What national team always enters the opening ceremony first?


What nation's athletes always enter the Olympic Games first?


Why do Greece come out first?

the reason why Greece always comes out first at the Olympics is because they are the ones who hosted and started the Olympics centuries ago.

Why was Greece introduced first at the 2010 Winter Olympics?

Greece is always 1st at the Olympic games, because its where they were born & Greece is being honored as their founder.

Which country always marches out first in the olympic opening ceremony?

Greece always leads the ceremony, the host country is always last. Since the Olympics began in Greece they are given the honor of being the first to walk during the opening ceremonies.

What team always gets introduced first at the olypics? honor of the ancient olympians.

Was Greece the last to enter the stadium at the opening ceremony for Olympics?

Greece is always the first to enter. The country that is hosting the Olympics is the last to enter

Which country always enters first during the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics?

Greece has entered first since the beginning of the Olympics.

Why does Greece go first in the Olympic opening ceremony?

Because Greece was the country that created the olympics, about 3,000 years ago. And the Hosting always goes last.

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