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Q: Why is Friedrich Ludwig Jahn an important figure in the history of gymnastics?
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Who discover the gymnastics?

Friedrich Ludwig Jahn invented Gymnastics.

Who was the greatgrandfather of gymnastics?

Friedrich Ludwig Jahn

Who inventioned gymnastic?

The Ancient Greeks invented gymnastics. :)

Who were Johan Friedrich GutsMuth and Friedrich Ludwig Jahn?

they are the people who put the sport of gymnastics in schools.

What Friedrich Jahn contribute?

Friedrich Ludwig Jahn is often called the Father of Gymnastics. Click on the 'Friedrich Ludwig Jahn' link on this page to read a story of his life.

Who is the grandfather of gymnastics?

Gymnastics in its present form can be traced to Sweden. The history of gymnastics shows that Germany and Czechoslovakia developed gymnastics apparatus around the 1800s. Friedrich Ludwig Jahn, a German educator was known as the Father of gymnastics. He used pieces of stationery apparatus to inculcate and develop self-discipline and strength of body. The Swedish method on the other hand, developed by Pehr Henrik Ling, is rhythmic gymnastics, concentrated on rhythm and coordination with the use of hoops, clubs and small balls.

Who are the German contributors of gymnastics?

Oksana Chusovitina, Katja Abel, Joeline Mobius...

Did johanna friedrich gutmuths friedrich Ludwig jahn franz nachtegall and per henrik ling invent gymnastics?

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Who were the first gymnasts?

The first gymnasts were Johann Friedrich Gutsmuth, Friedrich Ludwig Jahn, Franz Nachtegall, and Per Henrik Ling. These people also invented gymnastics.

When was Friedrich Ludwig - musicologist - born?

Friedrich Ludwig - musicologist - was born in 1872.

When did Friedrich Ludwig Abresch die?

Friedrich Ludwig Abresch died in 1782.

When was Friedrich Ludwig - painter - born?

Friedrich Ludwig - painter - was born in 1895.