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Cardif City are named the Bluebirds because of the play named 'The Bluebird' that was shown in Cardiff in 1908. Cardiff was chosen to host the play over many different cities and so CCFC decided to cahnge their kit clour to blue and use the plays name as there own nickname.

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Q: Why is Cardiff city football club nicknamed bluebirds?
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Which football team has the nickname of the Bluebirds?

The answer you want is Cardiff City (not very English though).

Why are Cardiff City called The Bluebirds?

There was a play with a bluebird in it and they started chanting it at the next match.

Where does Cardiff city football team play?

Cardiff City Stadium, Leckwith Road, Cardiff. CF11 8AZ.

Who is the tenant of Cardiff City Stadium?

Wales national football team is the tenant of Cardiff City Stadium.

What is Cardiff City twitter handle?

The official twitter handle of Cardiff City football club is @CardiffCityFC.

Who was the first football team to have a sponsor for their kits?

cardiff city

Where can one contact Cardiff City Football Club?

One can contact the Cardiff City Football Club by mail, email, fax and phone. The post address is Cardiff City Stadium, Leckwith Road, Cardiff, CF11 8AZ. The telephone number is 0845 365 1115 and fax number is 0845 365 1116.

What is birmighams football team called?

Birmingham City Football Club, nicknamed The Blues.

Who is Robbie Fowler?

He plays football for Cardiff City. Used to play for Liverpool Football Club (TWICE!)

Who won the Cardiff city verses swansea football club derby on the 6th February 2011?

Cardiff city, the best football team ever! Craig bellamy scored from 30 yards out to win for Cardiff on the 85th minute making the full time result 0-1 to Cardiff. It was played at home to Swansea

What is the most popular welsh football team?

Cardiff city / blue birds

Who is the best football player in Cardiff city fc?

Kimbo Kyung (yeah baby)