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Because there are many Canadians that would like to see it so. Instead Canada is a Confederation of many Nations. The difference is that a Confederation has a weak federal government and the members in the Confederation are there by choice.

In a Canadian Federation the federal government would have total control, or very much more than it does now, and the members would not be allowed to leave or make any major decisions without Canada agreeing.

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Canada is not a federation, it's a confederation.

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Q: Why is Canada called federation?
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When was Chess Federation of Canada created?

Chess Federation of Canada was created in 1872.

What is the federation name for Canada?

Confederation of Canada. Canada is not yet a federation though many are working towards that.

Is Canada unitary state?

Canada is a federation.

What does CCF stand for?

Cooperative Commonwealth Federation of Canada

What is the smallest state in the Canada?

Canada is a federation of provinces, not states. The smallest province in Canada is Prince Edward Island.

Who has called Indian federation as the cooperative federation?

granville austen

Who has called the Indian Federation as the Cooperative Federation?

k.c wheare

Territorial government of Canada?

There is no territorial government of Canada. Since Canada is a federation there is a federal government. Canada's provinces are part of the federation and its territories are neither separate provincial entities nor fully federal but are quasi-federal. The three territories of Canada are: Northwest Territories; Yukon; and Nunavut.

What type of government do canada have?

Constitutional Monarchy, Federation, and Parliamentary Democracy.

What is the body of Canada's government?

Federal Parliamentary Democracy and Constitutional Monarchy. Canada is a federation, which means powers are shared between federal and provincial governments. The head of the government is called the Prime Minister. Queen Elizabeth II is Canada's official head of state, and is represented in Canada by the Governor General.

What type ofgovernment does Canada have and how does it work?

constitutional monarcy,parliamentary democracy,and federation.

What is the Canadian form of government?

Canada is a constitutional monarchy, parliamentary democracy and a federation.