Why is Alice Coachman famous?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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Alice coachman was the first black woman to win a olympic gold medal.

by lily

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Q: Why is Alice Coachman famous?
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What is Alice Coachman's birthday?

Alice Coachman was born on November 9, 1923.

What was the names of Alice Coachman's children?

Alice coachman never had children but wanted to.

Who was Alice coachman married to?

Alice Coachman was married to N. F. Davis, an accountant and business executive.

Who is Alice Coachman parent?

boy girl

How many brother did Alice coachman?


What year did Alice Coachman win a Pulitzer Prize?

Alice Coachman never won a Pulitzer Prize; she was an Olympic gold medalist in track in 1948.

Do Alice coachman have any kids or children?

yes he does

Is Alice coachman an only child?

No she has 10 brothers

Who are Alice coachman's kids?

bily,bob, and joe

What school did Alice coachman go to?

alanta gorgia

DID Alice Coachman have kids?

yes she had two

What was Alice coachman's greatest fear?

alice coach mans greatest fear is hoping not to die