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they haven't because these countries are still developing

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Q: Why hasn't the Olympics ever been hosted in Ireland or an African country?
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Has the Olympics ever been hosted by an African country?

No African country has ever hosted the olympics

Did Ireland host Olympic games-?

No, to date Ireland has not hosted the Olympics.

Has African ever hosted the Olympics?


What country hosted the Olympics this year?

Rio, Brazil hosted the Olympics in 2016.

How many times have the Olympics been in held Ireland?

The Olympic games have never been held in Ireland.

When was the Irish Olympics?

The Olympics were never held in Ireland, however in 2003 Ireland hosted the Special Olympics which was the first time they were held outside of the US.

Which Country hosted the olympics in 1982?

There was no Olympics held in 1982.

Which city and country hosted the 1968 Summer Olympics?

Mexico City, Mexico hosted the 1968 Summer Olympics.

What country hosted 1980 Olympics?


What country hosted the 1928 Olympics?

The Netherlands.

What country has Olympics Mythology Athens?

Athens did not have Olympics. It was hosted by Elis.

What country hosted the Olympic Games in 1988?

The country that hosted the olympics in 1988 was seoul,south korea