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They have not stopped making Air Jordans. The Air Jordan XX3 is the last numbered Air Jordan, but the line will continue with the Air Jordan 2009.

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Q: Why has Michael Jordan stopped making Jordans?
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How long has Nike been making the Air Jordans?

The first year Nike made Air Jordans was in 1984, however, they were produced only for use by Michael Jordan. in 1985 Air Jordans were produced and sold to the public.

How much was Michael Jordan making in 1995?

How much money was Micheal Jordan making in 1995?

What was Michael Jordan setbacks?

michael jordan was setback a few times, height, not making varsity team, etc.

Why did Michael Jordan start making shoes?

bc they fresh

Was buying Air Jordan from nike a big risk for Michael Jordan?

No, because they are partners in the shoe making business.

What did Michael Jordan do to history?

Hey played basketball and now he is making shoes

How much money is Michael Jordan making in shoes?

500 million dollars

Where to buy real Jordan online?

Are you looking to find Real Jordans Online? From my experience the best place to order jordans from online is directly from the factory. Ordering directly from the factory will give you an opportunity to buy Air Jordan Shoes for as low as $30 a shoe. You also will have access to the newest Jordans before they even hit the stores. The best part about this whole concept is you can start making money reselling jordans online if you buy from the factory. To learn how to buy jordans directly from the factory please visit:

Is it possible that Michael Jordan can come back?

yes it is true michael jordan could possibly be making a return to the nba no one knows for sure but sources say that he still has his jumpshot but his quickness has faded . but you know and i know the guys michael jordan.

How old was Michael Jackson stop making music with the Jackson 5?

he was 18 when he stopped making music with the Jackson's 5

What is Michael Jordan's famous dunk?

Hisfamous dunk was at the 1988 slam dunk contest when he did a dunk making himself look like that sillouetee on Air Jordan,ultimately making him win the contest

What year did Michael Jordan start making shoes?

he started off with a contract inm nike in 1984

In what year did Michael Jordan receive his last championship ring?

Jordan was born in 1963 and won his last championship in 1998, making him 35 years old.

What is Michael Jordan best known for?

Michael Jordan is known for making the first slam dunk of any person in the NBA. He is known for being one of the best basketball players in the United States. He is best known for playing in the Chicago Bulls.

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Why did Michael Jordan invent jordans?

Michael Jordan never invented anything,he is the most famous Basketball player in the world and was signed by Nike to endorse their shoe brand. His greatness as a player and the popularity of the Nike Jordan brand grew together at a very profitable rate. Making him one of the richest professional athletes of all times his endorsement of any product was money in the bank. Besides Nike,he endorsed many products he is still doing Hanes underwear ads long after his retirement from the NBA. I'm sure he had to approve the final version of each MJ shoe but he invented nothing.

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How much is a Michael Jordan 85-86 season card worth?

I have an upper deck 85-86 very good condition Michael Jordan card. On it is a pic of him making a basket while 2 Lakers & another team mate (#40) is next to him. How much do you think it may be worth?

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