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American football is not more recognised than other sporting codes, football or soccer as American's call it, is the most recognised sporting code.

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Q: Why football is more recognized than other sporting codes?
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Why soccer is more recognised than other sporting codes?

it football retard

Football or other sporting events?

more likely foot ball

Where can one buy apparel for football?

You can purchase football apparel at any sporting goods store or online. There are numerous options for sporting and football apparel locations. There are the NFL website that sells different football apparel as well as other items.

Where can one purchase football pants?

Football pants and other types of sporting apparel can be purchased from specialty stores currently. These include Dick's Sporting Goods, Big 5, Sports Authority, and the Nike Store.

Does anyone have any football codes for toppstown other than freebie?


What do Australians call American football?

To distinguish the game from various other games (codes) of football played in Australia, American Football is mainly referred to as gridiron.

Why is football often called American football?

There several codes of football played nationally and internationally. "American football" is one of these codes created in the USA. Other popular codes include Association football (Soccer), Rugby Union football, Rugby league football, Gaelic football, Canadian football and Australian football. They can all trace their origins to a medieval ball game played in Britain called 'football' which was one of several similar games traditionally played to celebrate Shrovetide.

What is important about Croke Park?

It is the head quarters of the Gaelic Athletic Association, the largest sporting organisation in Ireland and the largest amateur sporting organisation in the world. It has the most seats of all the stadium in Ireland. It is the venue for Gaelic Football and Hurling matches, and other sports. It hosts the two biggest sporting events in the Irish sporting calendar: The All-Ireland Football Final and the All-Ireland Hurling final. It is a historic venue, in sporting terms, but also in political terms due to the shooting of people there in 1920.

Where do they call soccer football?

Almost everywhere. "Soccer" is used only where people need to distinguish association football from other codes of football:The USA and Canada (because of gridiron football)Ireland (which has Gaelic football)Australia (which has Australian rules football)

During what sporting event is the 'Bikini Bottom Bubble Bowl' in spongebob?

It is football! da! What other sport uses the word "bowl".It is like the super bowl!

What is Ireland's main sporting event?

The biggest individual sporting event in Ireland is the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship Final. It is the biggest event for Gaelic Football, one of Ireland's two main national sports. The other is Hurling. It also has an Ireland Final, which is also a major sporting event. The All-Ireland Hurling Final usually takes place on the first Sunday in September and the All-Ireland Football Final usually takes place on the third Sunday in September.

Does the University of Florida have a band?

Yes!! The University of Florida has a fantasic band that plays at the football games and other sporting events. Check out the school's website for more info!

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