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because its considered cheating

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Q: Why drugs have a negative impact on the image of sport?
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What are the negative impact of drugs on sport?

1. it makes the athlete a cheater 2. the athlete thinks it improves his /her performance,but in truth their KILLING THEMSELVES,unless its a drug that's FDA aproved to make them better,and even so ANY drug taken excessively or incorrectly WILL DESTROY YOU.the athlete should be wise and take approved drugs responsibly.

What are the consequences of using drugs in sport?

If you are in a sport and use drugs, you will either be suspended from the sport or kicked out in general.. My advise to you: DON'T USE DRUGS!!

Drugs used in sport?

Actually drugs will have a negative affect on your health...but there are some other stuff that you can :go to any pharmacy and ask for amino acid pills ...or nitrogen oxide pills.

Why hasn't the large salaries of professional athletes had a negative impact on the athletes or the sport?

Because the economy doesn't focus on mlb and how much money they make.

What are the bad effects of taking drugs while playing a professional sport?

it depends on what sport it is and what drugs the performer is using, but most drugs in sport are illegal and will usually end up in the performer being banned

Why is it bad to take drugs during playing a sport?

For lots of reasons. They may give you an advantage, so it can be seen as cheating. They are not competing on what is purely their own ability. They could then be banned from sport. Drugs may also have negative effects on people and do damage to their health. So it is not a good idea to take them. Use training, practice, exercise, good nutrition and a good lifestyle as ways of improving your ability at sport.

The impact of ict on sport?

the inpact of ict on sport

What are sport drugs?


What is the testing in sport drugs?

They take your blood - usually 90 - 95% and test it for drugs

When did drugs in sport start?

Drugs in sports came around 1970.

No to drugs yes to sport?

yes to sports no to drugs. you got it sonny

What are the punishments in sport for taking drugs?

the "punishment" for taking any type of band drugs can range from a number of games suspend to being band from the sport ...

Why should you banned drugs from the world?

Refering to sports, It is like cheating. You work less and get more. In addition, it has negative side affects to youand that is what shades children's dream of becoming a sport star.

Playing sports with drugs?

Do not play sport with drugs it is not healthy for you at all and you will get suspended

The different drugs in sport?


What type of drugs help you in sport?

you can not do it

Why drugs affect you in sport?


Why are drugs in sport bad?


Negative effects on your body by playing sport?

Probably the biggest negative effect on a persons body is unhealthy weight loss, common in women's gymnastics, track and field, and wrestling. Steroid use and the use of performance enhancing drugs will also negatively effect an athlete's body.

How can sport impact school students?

sport can impact on school students as it's keping them active so they are not always stuck behind a desk

Why are drugs in sport illegal?

Some drugs can ruin the physical well-being of the athlete

How is science applied to drugs in sport?

Drugs induce artificial stimulation of body in sportsmen.

Why is drugs in sport bad?

Some drugs can enhance the sport competitors strength and stamina when playing a sport. This makes it unfair to those who are playing the game fairly and without drugs. It's especially important in sports such as sprinting and swimming, as every second counts i think that when you use drugs it gives you an effect that just mkaes you feel unreal.

Who started drugs in sport?

Barack obama.

What are the legal drugs you can use in sport?