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We do... Scuba fins are used a lot in Scuba diving. You might not use scuba fins for, say swimming in a lap pool because they are generally fit around a neoprene boot.

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Q: Why don't we use scuba fins?
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Except for dive fins what type of fins could one buy for scuba diving?

There are a wide range of different fins available for scuba diving. Other than dive fins, these include fins such as snorkel fins, paddle fins and split fins.

What colors do the best scuba diving fins come in?

The best scuba gear fins come in a variety of colors. They can include cobalt blue, sunshine yellow, crimson red, and metallic silver. You can purchase fins at stores like Modell's.

Do eels have fins?

no they dont have fins i think

What are scuba boots used for?

If you have chosen to use open heel fins over the closed foot fins, you will then have to also prepare to invest in a pair of scuba boots. There are several great reasons for using scuba booties and I recommend that you buy a pair even if you have decided to use the closed foot fins. Why? ... Besides good wetsuit boots can be used even for swimming. They offer a great protection for your feet against cuts and abrasions while entering or exiting the water especially on rocky shores where you might likely encounter sea urchins or stinging creatures

Do birds have fins?

no they dont.

Do stingray have fins?

no they dont

Why do you use flippers when you go scuba diving?

Fins provide much greater force in water than your bare foot, due to the increased surface area. This increased force is necessary because the additional equipment needed for scuba diving (tank, buoyancy compensator, regulators, etc...) increases the amount of drag and weight of your body in the water. Without fins, you would use a great deal of energy and not get very far.

Why do fish need fins?

Fish use their fins for propulsion (to push them along in the water) and like boat rudders to guide their movement. Also, many fins are bony and sharp and provide a degree of defense against predators.

Is it proper grammar to use scuba or SCUBA?

Either, depending on context. Usually, if used as a noun it is SCUBA; as an adjective, as in scuba diver, it is just scuba.

Who would use the scuba gear?

Scuba divers.

Where would one shop for diving fins?

You can purchase diving fans and other scuba equipment online at websites such as Scuba and Scubastore. You can also find them at some retail websites such as Amazon.

Dose a dolphins have fins or flippers?

Fins.. because flippers are on feet and dolphin dont have feet.

What is the purpose of scuba?

SCUBA was invented for recreational and practical purposes. Some use SCUBA to experience underwater life in person, whereas others use SCUBA to perform underwater tasks, such as welding.

What scuba diving equipment does Mares sell?

Mares sells a wide range of scuba diving equipment that one would need when going on a scuba diving trip. Some equipment include jackets, fins, masks, snorkels as well as spear guns.

What gear do you wear for scuba diving?

BCD, Regulator[first stage], mask, fins, snorkle + other accesories

What do fishes fins do?

Fishes use their fins for protection and to swim. Fish can have single fins or a pair of fins on their bodies.

What colors are available for scuba gear?

Scuba gear comes in many different colors. Most scuba suites are black but they do make them in other colors some women like pink. You can get your mask and fins in a variety of colors from blue to yellow to red. Scuba gear has come along way and offers multiple choices.

Why do Scuba Divers enter the water backwards?

Just because it's akward to walk with fins on your feet walking normally, so scuba divers walk sideways or backwards because it's easier.

What do you need to scuba dive?

Mask, fins, snorkel, SCUBA tanks, Buoyancy Control Device and weights. It's also nice to have a wetsuit and dive computer.Also, see the answer in the question "What is the required equipment for scuba diving?"

Where can one purchase mares fins?

There are a number of places where one can find Mares scuba fins available for purchase including Leisure Pro, Amazon, Swim Outlet, Divers Discount Florida and eBay.

Do hippos have fins?

i dont give a *** tehee bye :)

What is the function of squid fins?

The fins of a squid are use for locomotion. The fins of a squid are used for locomotion (to get around).

need good mask, fins and snorkel source. Scuba gear rental and licensed instructors for lessons?

I live in Kerrville Texas - one hour west of San Antonio. Where can I find A GOOD SCUBA CLASS TO BE RECERTIFIED.

What scuba gear do you use?


What is the importance of the fins of a shark for human use?

Humans use the fins of sharks in certain soup dishes