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Shooting events in the Olympics are oriented around precision. Machine guns are inherently not precise weapons.

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Q: Why don't they use machine guns in the Olympics?
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What kind of machine guns did they use at the Battle of Somme?

The main guns for the british I believe were Maxims, dont know about the germans.

What types of guns did they use in the battle of somm?

it used machine guns

Which country was the first to use machine guns in ww1?

All of the major players possessed machine guns by the outbreak of the war.

When were machine guns introduced in world war 1?

Machine guns were in use BEFORE WW 1. They were around for the entire war.

What does the Chinese military use?

tanks machine guns

Who introduced the use of machine guns?

Hiram Maxim

What kind of firearms do the secrets service use?

Rifles, hand guns, shot guns, sub machine guns.

What type of weapons did they use during 1948?

They had nuclear missiles machine guns and cool guns

How do you use the UAV machine guns in Battlefield BC2 demo?

You have to get to a level in story mode when you use the machine gun then you get it in online.

What is the Machine Gun use full for?

Machine guns are useful for killing people. They are also useful for aiming bigger weapons; since machine guns fire tracer ammo, a machine gunner can fire on a target so the forward observer can train guns onto it.

Was Germany the first to use machine guns in World War 1?

All of the major players in WWI possessed machine guns before the outbreak of the war.

Did the soldiers use machine guns in the civil war?

no they used swords