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Because...that would be gross?

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Q: Why don't men wear spandex shorts in volleyball?
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What do you wear for volleyball?

You wear spandex shorts (Asics are best) in order to move faster and more freely.

What do you wear in middle school volleyball?

spandex shorts, knee pads,tennis shoes and a team jersey

What protective gear do you have to wear for volleyball?

typically if your on a team you wear spandex shorts your jersey knee pads tall socks and sneakers

What does a volleyball player wear at a game?

They would wear their uniform, which includes their jersey, spandex shorts, kneepads, long socks, volleyball shoes, and their hair tied up (IF required by coach).

Guys in spandex?

No way!!! Girls do need to wear spandex; it increases their range of motion and shorts will get in their way. But guys? They should wear short shorts; not spandex!!!

Why do you have to wear spandex shorts when exercing?

No. You can wear anything that works for you.

What cloth is typically worn for playing volleyball?

Usually, to be the most comfortable in your playing time, you should probably wear some type of spandex, or you could possibly wear looses shorts. As for tops, wear something comfortable: maybe a loose cotton shirt. If you have jerseys, I prefer spandex material, or something tight. Not big and baggy that possibly could get in the way.

Do you have to wear spandex in volleyball?

No you don't have to wear spandex if you really don't want to. From experience (playing for 6 years+) you move better with spandex, its really comfortable, and despite what your previous judgement is on them, they really aren't that bad. I prefer them to any shorts and wear them a lot under dresses and skirts. But do whatever you feel comfortable in.

Do women like spandex?

Yes they can. My soccer team wears spandex shorts under our shorts and when we play in the freezing cold, we wear spandex leggings. They are very effective.

What sports wear do you put on for volleyball?


What kind of clothes do volleyball players use?

women volleyball players normally wear spandex shorts and their team jersey. they also wear their knee pads and knee socks to protect their legs from digging. and of course they wear tennis shoes. guys wear shorts team jersey and knee pads along with ankle socks and shoes.

What type of clothing should you wear when you play indoor volleyball?

Shorts and a t-shirt for recreation But if you're playing for a high school team most girls wear spandex spanks and t-shirts.