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There isn't any reason, some team wear visors

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Q: Why don't college softball players wear caps anymore?
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What is part of the official softball uniform?

Caps are also part of an official softball uniform.

Where can you buy softball bats end caps?


These are considered part of the official uniform in softball?


How many players have won over 100 caps for England atsoccer?

Just five players Peter Shilton - 125 caps David Beckham - 115 caps Bobby Moore - 108 caps Bobby Charlton - 106 caps Billy Wright - 105 caps

Do water polo players wear caps?

yes they caps to help them know where there teammates are

What caps do MLB players wear?

New Era 59fifty

When did football players start wearing baseball caps?


What planet has polar ice caps of water and carbon dioxide?

Pluto but it is not a planet anymore Mars also has polar ice caps.

Why are the water polo players wearing bonnets?

Water polo players wear caps that protect their ears from injury if they get hit by a fast ball. The caps also help identify players and teams: The home team wears dark caps, away team wears light caps. Goalkeepers wear red caps. Each player also has a number on their cap to identify them like other sports feature on jerseys.

Why is the button on top of away baseball caps different from home caps?

As an easy way for players/clubhouse staff to recognize which is which....

How do you take a end caps off a miken dc41 softball bat?

Don't do it, it will no longer pass league inspection.

Rangers players with 100 caps?

darren ferguson and ally mccoist

Why baseball players wore baseball caps?

they still do. and to keep the sun out of their eyes

Who are the Rangers players with 100 caps?

Frank de Boer 112 Caps Claudio Reyna 112 Caps Henning Berg 100 Caps Depending on where you read it Marvin Andrews has either 99 or 100 caps for T&T j johansson finland 106 caps giovani van bronckhurst 106 caps c bocanegra 100 caps

How many England caps has Man U had?

Man utd have the most ever England caps with 127 players, of which 88 in the modern game

What is an 'A cap' in football?

In the early days of international sporting contests, players who represented their country were given an ornamental cap to mark the event. It was a form of recognition in lieu of payment. No caps change hands anymore, but the expression still stands.

Which 5 past or present Newcastle players have the most international caps?

shay given

Why are major league baseball players wearing red caps this weekend?

in honour of Canada day.

Do water polo players wear protective cups?

no they do not wear cups...just speedos and caps

Youngest players capped internioal caps for England football male?

They are either Rooney and Owen.

What sports are featured by New Era Caps?

New Era Caps carry a large selection of sports caps. Men are able to purchase caps for the MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, College teams and the MiLB. Women have the option of purchasing MLB and NFL caps, although they can also purchase caps for themselves from the men's selection.

Why do water polo players wear those caps?

so that when they get hit in the ear, they dont damage their ears.

Name 5 Celtic players who have English caps?

sutton, Thompson, ian wright, dublin paul Elliot

Mlb Why do players wear marine color ball caps instead of other arm forces colors?

I have no idea why

Name Rugby players with 100 caps or more?

George Gregan Jason Lennard Brian O'Drisscol Phillipe Cella