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Unlike a sport like American football, Baseball is a game of precision. As a result, heavy rain makes the ball extremely hard to grip. This actually harms the team on defense dramatically more than the team on offense. If a pitcher is unable to grip the ball, he will throw erratically and will have to significantly slow his pitches. As a result, the batting team will be at a great advantage as it is not significantly harder to swing a bat or run on a dirt track in the rain. Unlike other sports where after a point is scored the other team gets possession and a game clock is involved, in baseball the offensive team can continue to score runs until the defensive team records 3 outs. In a heavy rain situation, this could cause the defensive team to never be able to record 3 outs.

Think of baseball like tennis - it's about precision.

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A rain delay is called in rain especially if there is lightening in the area because of the danger to all, but also because of the possible injury to players with a wet baseball, slick playing surface, and the inability to see a fly-ball. The wet ball could cause lack of ball control on the part of the pitcher, or for that matter the catcher and fielders as well. The possibility of slipping on the wet surface could cause injury to any player. Also, with the inability to properly follow the ball in flight due to the rain, more injuries could result.

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when it rains and you are playing on a turf pitch it will get muddy and soft and therefore it is impossible to get a good game in

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Q: Why don't baseball players play in the rain?
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