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your not pressing the buttin

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Q: Why doesn't time trials work on Diddy Kong racing?
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When did Diddy Kong Racing happen?

Diddy Kong Racing happened in 1997.

What are tt's times on Diddy Kong racing 64?

when you go racing in time trials tt says tt time

How do you download Diddy Kong Racing on PC?

diddy kong

When was Diddy Kong Racing created?

Diddy Kong Racing was created on 1997-11-21.

Where diddy at in Nintendo 64?

Diddy kong is a character in DK64 and Diddy kong racing.

What actors and actresses appeared in Diddy Kong Racing DS - 2007?

The cast of Diddy Kong Racing DS - 2007 includes: Eveline Fischer as Pipsy Lee Schuneman as Bumper Katsumi Suzuki as Diddy Kong

What are the ratings and certificates for Diddy Kong Racing - 1997 VG?

Diddy Kong Racing - 1997 VG is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G USA:E USA:K-A

Who is the fastest racer in Diddy Kong Racing?


In Diddy Kong Racing what is after adventure 2?


How do you unlock wish racing on Diddy Kong Racing DS?

you have to unlock it in the genies lamp in the unlockables

Are there going to make a Diddy Kong racing on the Wii?

I'd doubt it.

Where is the hidden key on Diddy Kong racing?

There are 4 hidden keys in Diddy Kong Racing on Nintendo DS. The keys are located in Dino Domain, Snowflake Mountain, Dragon Forest and Shibit Island.