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first of all NOT ALLOWED. second of all NO WIMPS ALLOWED

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Q: Why doesn't the caddies on the PGA tour use pull carts?
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Who are the caddies at the masters?

Up until 1983, all players were supplied caddies by Augusta National. From 1983 they were allowed to bring their own. They are the caddies who would caddy for the players on a week to week basis on tour.

Who is Kenny Perry's caddy?

Fred Sanders is one of the top caddies on tour. Great guy.

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How do caddies get paid on the PGA tour?

It's based on a sliding scale. Most caddies get $1k per week plus expenses. On average, they get paid 10 percent if their player wins. . . .6% for top 5. .. . 4% thereafter.

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Can caddies use a trolley on the professional golf tour?

They could do, and you do see it on some professional tours. The only reason you don't see it on the PGA and European tours is because there are so many spectators who make it logistically impossible.

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