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The New Orleans Saints is an NFL team in Louisiana.

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Q: Why doesn't the NFL have a team in LA?
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Does charlotte not have a NFL team but a college team?

Charlotte doesnt have a nfl team because charlotte is in north carolina and they have a team named carolina panthers :)

What NFL team is coming to LA?


What NFL team has the most Home opener wins?

the la ram

What is Dylan Sprouse's favorite NFL football team?

la lakers

What NFL team does Brian De La Puente play for?

Brian De La Puente plays for the Chicago Bears.

What nfl team has had the most different homes?

The Rams have had Cleveland, LA, and St. Louis as their homes.

What NFL team is moving to LA?

There are acouple of team that might come to L.A and they are the Raiders, Chagers, Vikings, Saints, Cardneils, and the Bills.

Does Wyoming have an NFL team?

does wyoming have a nfl team

What is the nearest NFL team to Los Angeles?

From what I'm hearing, the three most likely teams are either the chargers, Vikings, and jaguars. Hopefully they bring either one, LA needs an NFL team.

What is Nevada NFL team?

Nevada has never had a team in the NFL.

Who is the sorriest team in the NFL?

redskin's is the sorriest team in the nfl

Are the Denver Broncos an NFL team or college?

They are NFL team.

What is the NFL football team in Iowa?

Iowa does not have a NFL team.

What is Maine's pro NFL team?

Maine does not have an NFL team.

What is the name of the NFL team in Canada?

there is no NFL team in Canada

What is the name of the NFL team in Arkansas?

There is no NFL team in Arkansas.

Does Alabama have a NFL team?

No, there is no NFL team in the state of Alabama.

What is Nevada's NFL team?

Nevada has never had a team in the NFL.

What team did Howie Long play for in the NFL?

Howie Long played for the Oakland/LA Raiders from 1981-1983

What is the best team in NFL?

The best team in the nfl is the Pittsburgh steelers

Will Alabama get a NFL team by 2020?

AL will never have an NFL team

Which team plays in the NFL?

what do you mean what team plays in the NFL there are several

How can you try out for a NFL team?

you got to be a good footballer to be in a nfl team

National NFL team?

The Dallas cowboys are NFL national team

What is Usher favorite NFL team?

Ushers Favorite nfl team