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Q: Why doesn't my nba 2k 15 show highlight replays on xbox 360?
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Super monkey ball deluxe xbox- how do you save replays?

First finish a stage, then pause when they show a replay and select "save replay"

When will the Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 and Wii action replays come out?

Unlikely they will all the systems have been out for years now

How do you copy saved files like replays from Xbox 360 to laptop?

If you find out, let me know, I an trying to do the same thing

If your Xbox doesnt connect to Xbox live what could be the problem?

Call Xbox. It can be a variety of things.

How do you get Xbox live on normal Xbox?

you cant Microsoft doesnt want people on the regular xbox using xbox live on the original xbox.........

Does Xbox 360 do backward compatibility with Xbox games?

The Xbox 360 can play original Xbox games but the Xbox doesnt play Xbox 360 games.

Why doesnt xbox 360 have an action replay?

there actually is an action replay for the xbox 360

Can you have a computer that doesnt have internet and still play xbox live?

You need an Xbox, or Xbox 360, and an Internet connection for Xbox Live. No computer required.

How awesome is an Xbox 360?

xbox Sucks dick it doesnt have Blu ray or nothing get a Ps3

How can you have a HDMI connection for your xbox 360 when it doesnt have a HDMI slot?

It's in the back of your xbox 360.

How do you disconnect Xbox 360 controller?

you press the xbox button on it. if it doesnt work hold it down.

SvR 2009 psp does that have the highlight reel?

nope sorry only for ps3 and xbox 360