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There are two things that can cause this:

1. The spring that resets the trigger is worn or is otherwise malfunctioning.

2. There is dirt or paint between the trigger and the inside of the gun, gumming it up.

If you know how, take apart and clean your gun thoroughly. If not, take it to a paintball field or shop and have someone show you how.

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โˆ™ 2012-08-27 20:13:51
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Q: Why does your trigger get stuck on your tippmann 98 custom and how do you make it stop?
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Can you paint a tippmann 98 custom?

Yes. Just remove all the internals before painting, to make sure you do not get any inside.

What is the best red dot sight for a tippmann 98 custom?

none, paintballs do not fly far enough or are accurate enough to make any kind of precision aiming devise usefull

What are good upgrades for the tippmann 98 custom to make it better and better looking?

Performance: A good upgrade from the start would be an expansion chamber It really helps make the CO2 more consistent. An apex or flatline barrel will help with lenght. A custom products should help with accuracy (depending on paint quality) A stock and remote line makes the gun lighter A response trigger helps with shooting faster, and can be used in full auto. An E trigger makes it shoot faster, but is not very useful for the majority of games. Looks: Collapsible stock, Barrel with rails, Red dot sight, Ak47 kit, M4 kit.

Can you mod a tippmann model 98 paintball gun?

The short answer is YES! The long answer is that the model 98 is still one of the most upgradeable markers out there. With numerous kits available from numerous manufacturers, you can make the marker electronic, auto-feeding, install a reactive trigger, make it vertically fed, the list is endless. Furthermore, if you're a bit of a handyman, there are numerous modifications that you can create/produce yourself. Check out the forums at Tippmann's official website or for more ideas and info.

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How do you upgrade the trigger on a tipman model 98 paintball gun?

There are basically four things you can do. First is to replace the trigger spring with a lighter spring (like from a pen) to make the trigger pull easier. Second is to buy a double trigger, which may slightly increase your rate of fire, but not by much. Third is to purchase a response trigger, which uses excess Co2 from the Tippmann (which is automatically wasted after each shot) to reset the trigger faster than a spring. It will make the pull heavier, but allow you to shoot fully automatically if you place your finger where it sets, and resets. Last is the E-trigger, an electric solenoid and board that takes out the mechanical link from trigger to sear, and allows you to shoot semi, burst, and full auto. It runs on battery, makes the pull incredibly lighter, and must be turned off after every game, to preserve battery life, because without a battery, your gun will no longer function.

How do you make your paintball trigger easeir to pull?

Replace the trigger spring with a lighter one.

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